Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously Dry Spell

Okay, so I haven't written in weeks. I know. I'm the one who keeps saying, "Write. Write. Write." But nowdays, I can't. I want to, but nothing I write makes it past that lovely, little key called 'delete'.

I've written rougly 5000 words within the last two weeks, all of which are now floating somewhere in the digital cosmos of the forgotten and deleted. Nothing works for me. No short story. No poem, and certainly, no novel. :( Woe is me, to coin a phrase.

I am now seeking encouragement. I need a writer's-soul hug, a kind word, or maybe an agent. Anyone listening?


David A. Todd said...


Well, I really shouldn't hug any woman who isn't my wife, but I suppose a virtual hug is okay.


Why write something and then delete it? Is your internal editor not allowing you to write the first draft, and insisting you skip the first draft and write 2nd or 3rd draft quality work the first time your words leave your brain and arrive on paper or pixels?

TURN OFF THAT INTERNAL EDITOR! Write the first draft. Never mind if it's crap. That's what first drafts are supposed to be. That'w why we edit-edit-edit.

Don't make me come down there!

WKEverhart said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

. said...

Never delete! Cut and save, because you may find later that the words aren't nearly as bad as you're telling yourself. And you may also use them again, elsewhere.

You're being too hard on yourself, and probably trying too hard, too. Just relax, allow yourself to free write, don't stress about it. You're a great writer, you just need to cut yourself some slack.